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RZLM(D)special soft curtain door for buffer room

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Product introduction 
Door plate
• low temperature resistant transparent PVC soft curtain board
• stainless steel support frame
• the lower part of the orange anti-scratch wear resistant coating cloth, effectively prevent soft curtain damage
• the middle anti-collision rail effectively protects the door curtain
Return parts
• durable self-return hinge with precision casting process
QLM control atmosphere storage door
Applicable to all kinds of fruits and vegetables cold storage.
Door panel
• the panel material is painted plate, and the door body is wrapped with stainless steel
• filled with polyurethane foam for insulation, insulation density 43-45kg/m3
• one time molding polyurethane pressure foaming process makes the door panel firm and insulated
• double-layer hollow compression perspective window
Door frame
• electrostatic spray metal door frame
Sealing function
• the door panel is surrounded by high elastic sanitary sealing tape
• four point compacting device for tighter seal