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AOWID-CO2 Semi-hermetic Single-stage Screw Compressor

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Feature 1: semi hermetic structure without shaft seal

Compared with the open tyoe structure, there is no shaft seal, which prevents the leakage of refrigerant and oil, and the maintenance cost is low  (the open structure shaft seal is frequently maintained and needs to be replaced in 3-8 months).
Feature 2: high efficiency variable frequency liquid cooled motor
Cop is 3% higher than that of traditional suction cooling motor.
Feature 3: frequency conversion energy regulatio
   Small starting current, no impact on Power Grid
   The maximum frequency can be increased to 70Hz to improve the refrigeration capacity of the compressor
   Compared with the traditional compressor with slide valve energy regulation, the compressor with variable frequency energy regulation is more energy-saving. When the load of CO2 screw 12 is reduced to 50% by the way of slide valve energy regulation, the compressor almost does not aspirate
Feature 4: plate and shell heat exchanger
The oil cooler adopts plate and shell heat exchanger. The plate shell heat exchanger combines the advantages of plate and tube heat exchanger. It has the advantages of high pressure resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, less scaling, small temperature difference, firmness and durability, compact structure, extremely low maintenance cost, etc., which greatly reduces the possibility of CO2 entering the ammonia system. The reaction of CO2 and ammonia to produce ammonium carbamate is a strong corrosive medi

Special excellent line:



The ratio of rotor teeth is 5 / 7, realizing face-to-face sealing; the contact line is short, the leakage triangle is small, the area utilization coefficient is large; the dynamic lubricating oil film is easy to form, and the torque distribution is reasonable.


Technology parametersof CO2 Semi-hermetic Single-stage Screw Compressor 
Swept volume m³/h 144 289 600

Energy regulation mode of compressor

  Frequency conversion
Compressor operating frequency HZ 25~70 25~60
Diameter of suction  mm DN80 DN100 DN150
Diameter of discharge  mm DN65 DN100 DN125
Diameter of safety valve mm DN25 DN25 DN32
Refrigerantion oil
Type   Shell-tube
Diameter of liquid inlet mm DN20 DN20 DN25
Diameter of air discharge mm DN25 DN25 DN32
Diameter of liquid inlet   Rc3/4 Rc3/4 DN20
Diameter of air discharge   Rc1 Rc1 DN25
Dimensions L*W*H mm 2480*1100*1890 2810*1200*2255 3665*1700*2915
Unit weight kg ~3000 ~4000 ~5000
★The use of refrigerant thermosyphon cooling form.