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Chairman’s Speech
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aowidIn 1993, AOWID initially involved in the refrigeration industry, and with respect for the industry predecessors, gradually tried to design and manufacture their own refrigeration equipment, but we realized that if we want to take root in the refrigeration industry, we must build a big family. Therefore, many like-minded companions were invited to join in AOWID. We started to keep learning, like sponge, quickly absorb knowledge. After that, we began to live and learn, design and manufacture of refrigeration equipment "quality" is gradually improved, "quantity" is also gradually expanding.So much so that we have to expand our family every few years. In 2000, we realized that if we want  to get ahead in the refrigeration industry, we should have our own leading products. So we all used what we learned to be flexible, innovative, design and build our own products, and our reputation spread throughout the industry. In 2010, and constantly have new partners and partners to join, we're always holds on the idea of win-win cooperation, but also aware of, want to grow stronger, want to be on top in the refrigeration industry, must have their own compressor and core technology, after every day, all like-minded companions, twist into a rope, in this direction, to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength;We are also grateful to the families who quietly support our partners, Because of their support and understanding, AOWID can move forward in these decades, rain or shine, it can be said that AOWID growth also has their pay. After so many years of ups and downs, we are no longer a traditional machinery manufacturing company, but a company focusing on refrigeration technology and services, to provide quality partners with refrigeration technology guidance, let them and we become bigger and stronger. We firmly believe that AOWID will continue to be brilliant and expand the brand influence in the international market. The so-called technical secrets of AOWID are important, but it is the employees with dreams and goals that have brought AOWID to the present. Choosing AOWID was the beginning of their glory, and having them was the hope of AOWID.