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Semi-hermetic Single-stage Screw Compressor Unit

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AOWID Screw compressor unit
360° panoramic display
Unit features:
High efficiency oil separator, exhaust oil content less than 5ppm.
Forced oil supply, wide range of application, reliable operation of compressor.
Laminated flexible coupling, strong compensation ability, stable operation.
High efficiency thermosyphon oil cooler is adopted, which has high heat transfer efficiency, less scaling, and is firm and durable.
The compressor adopts the internal oil circuit design, the external pipeline is simple, and the leakage point is small.
The unit oil pump adopts frequency conversion regulation to improve the service life of the oil pump, with low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
Three position four-way solenoid valve is adopted for energy regulation of the unit, and part of the load is stable.
The main motor with protection grade of IP55 is adopted, which is safe and reliable.
Complete safety protection: over high exhaust pressure protection, low oil pressure differential protection, over high oil temperature protection, etc