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Enterprise culture:
Live to learn live to use - to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength,  Amazing the World with a Single Feat  - one striking, the courage to move forward - create the future
ONE-ON Service, Win-Win Cooperation 
People-oriented, innovation, win-win cooperation, green ideas, create the future
Business Strategy
The company's technology: the company's refrigeration system scheme and equipment using natural refrigerant ammonia, CO2 mainly, with green environmental protection, safe and reliable, efficient energy saving, and the use of intelligent control, products and systems are intelligent, digital, information, in order to achieve unattended requirements.
The company's services: to provide enterprises with cold chain logistics planning and design, equipment system integration, engineering construction services, personalized technical services for enterprises to create energy saving, environmental protection, safety, efficient refrigeration system and equipment.
Three commitment
The starting point and center of the management work is to stimulate and mobilize people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity
With employees, partners, and customers in the process of working together, sharing, mutual benefit, bring out the best in each other, to achieve common benefits.
Dare to break through outdated ideas, practices, physique, mechanism, let change and innovation, become a conscious thinking concept, behavior and goal pursuit.
Six Agreement
1. Make high-quality refrigeration equipment for customers
2. Provide design solutions for customers with professional theoretical knowledge
3. Always build a good work environment
4. Predict the future of the company to analyze the interests
5. Follow the strategy of "green, low-carbon, environmental protection, sustainability and development"
6. Pay attention to and actively participate in public interest activities