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large intelligent quick freezing equipment

360° panoramic display
◆The freezing time is controlled in layers. The equipment is divided into several freezing layers. Materials requiring different freezing times can be frozen at different freezing levels in the same equipment at the same time
◆The evaporator adopts steel tube sheet structure and is equipped with a specially designed high-pressure gas defrosting device, which can prolong the defrosting interval between hot ammonia and water of the evaporator, greatly improve the quick freezing efficiency, and finally ensure the constant temperature of the storage. It is equipped with axial-flow fans produced by domestic high-quality brand manufacturers, with stable and reliable operation and long service life.
◆The structure of the storehouse is assembled with double-sided color steel rigid polyurethane sandwich board, with excellent heat preservation performance. The insulation board is locked by the hook lock box prefabricated in the board, and filled with high-quality food grade low temperature resistant sealant. The thickness of storehouse slab is 200mm. The storehouse body is equipped with an access door, which is convenient for direct access to the storehouse for maintenance. The storehouse door is equipped with a heating wire, which can be automatically heated when the storehouse temperature is ≤ 0 ℃, so as to prevent the storehouse door from freezing.
◆Linear slide rails are used for relative motion of transmission part with small friction coefficient to ensure stable motion.
◆Galvanized steel structure frame, galvanized high-strength bolt connection. Roller is made of super high molecular material, resistant to low temperature, wear and self-lubricating.
◆The drive part is all driven by servo motor with precise control. Sew motor is used as servo motor, which can operate at - 40 ℃.
◆Each equipment can be equipped with 1-3 purchase systems according to the needs of customers, and each purchase system can transport different goods; each equipment can arrange the delivery system at one end or the other end of the purchase system according to the needs of customers and the location of the import and export of materials.
◆The advanced servo control technology can realize the accurate positioning of the shelf; the frequency converter drives the conveyor belt to realize the soft start and soft stop, extending the service life of the motor; each action point is composed of two sensors in parallel, so as to ensure one for standby and one for use, ensuring the action continuity; the HMI interface is friendly, easy to operate and control, real-time temperature, alarm, historical data tracing and easy to find; the program has built-in multiple control modes It is convenient for the separate control during the normal quick freezing, switching and maintenance.