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JCDLM heat insulation door for processing room

360° panoramic display
Product usage
Suitable for all kinds of food processing rooms and warehouses with frequent access by personnel and forklifts.
Product introduction
Door panel
• the panel material is stainless steel plate, and the door body thickness is 75mm
• filled with polyurethane foam for insulation, insulation density 43-45kg/m3
• one time molding polyurethane pressure foaming process makes the door panel firm and insulated
• extra large double glazed Windows
• the precision casting process for the processing of the door accessories to make it more durable
Sealing function
• the door panel is surrounded by high elastic sanitary sealing tape
• the "floating open and closed" sealing device enables the sealing strip to fit tightly with the door frame when the storage door is closed
• cold bridge partition device and anti-freezing heating belt can better block the conduction of low temperature cool air
Control system
•ABS waterproof seal control box
• special intelligent controller for cold storage door
• through the encoder for segmenting positioning, open and close the door can achieve the whole process of infinitely variable speed
•3 speed selection of door opening
Driving element
• the drive motor is a dc motor with small size and strong torque
• clutch free design
• rack and pinion with efficient transmission mode
Security features
• detect whether a person or an object is clamped by the change of the current when touching, so as to realize the function of anti-clamping