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DSYM Electric vertical lift door

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AOWID- Cold Chain logistics
360° panoramic display
Product usage
Suitable for high and low temperature automation and general logistics cold storage with insufficient space on both sides of the door but enough space on the upper part.
Product introduction
Door panel
• the panel material is stainless steel plate or painted plate, and the door frame is aluminum alloy frame structure
• filled with polyurethane foam for insulation, insulation density 43-45kg/m3
• one time molding polyurethane pressure foaming process makes the door panel firm and insulated
Sealing function
• the door panel is surrounded by high elastic sanitary sealing tape
• cold bridge partition device and anti-freezing heating belt can better block the conduction of low temperature cool air
• made of high strength aluminum alloy profiles
• double independent track operation design
Control system
•ABS waterproof seal control box
• adopt PLC and inverter control system to ensure faster opening speed and higher reliability
• power off can be manually free switch
Driving system
• drive motor is gear reduction motor
• high strength sandwich trapezoidal synchronous belt drive
Safety device
• safety photoelectric sensor