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Air Cooler with Copper/aluminum tube aluminum Fin

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AOWID-Air cooler
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Product Features:
Advanced heat exchange geometry and improved processing technology to optimize heat transfer airflow organization;
Optimized heat exchange airflow organization; able to meet the needs of high-space, long-range modern logistics cold storage.
A variety of material heat exchange tubes and multi-style defrosting methods to meet the needs of a wider range of applications and minimum life cycle costs.
Typical Application:
This is mainly using Freon, salt water as refrigerant
Structure and process Characteristic:
Different materials φ16 high-strength heat exchange tube, rust-proof aluminum tube, pure copper tube, high efficiency internal thread copper tube;
Different expansion process meets the adaptability requirements of different materials to ensure heat exchange efficiency;
Continuously stamped high toughness, integral corrugated, rust-proof aluminum fin hydrophilic foil fins to improve heat transfer coefficient and reliability;
In order to meet the requirements of higher anti-corrosion requirements, a heat exchange core body of the overall nano-coating protection process can also be provided;
All products have passed the 2.4MPa airtight test and are filled with 0.5MPa nitrogen protection.