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SPT series dock leveler

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AOWID- Cold Chain logistics
360° panoramic display
It provides a flat surface for forklift delivery between storage and container.
Hydraulic size (W x L) is 2000mm× 2500mm, 2000mm × 2000mm or customized
Front strap size is 410mm and thickness is 16mm.
Main table panel 5mm or 6mm tread plate, flat frame is open hinge joint structure, main cylinder is 2 pcs, height is 600mm
Height 300mm, dropping 280mm, height up to 780mm
Maximum dynamic load 5000-6000kg, maximum static load 9000-12000kg
Power unit form: integrated hydraulic system and hydraulic pump station
Motor voltage is 380V, frequency is 50HZ, motor power is 0.75kw
Working environment is -30 ~ +50 °C, continuous working noise is ≤ 65dB (A)
The oil pump pressure is 12MPa, and the oil pump displacement is 2.5ml/r.
Safety to prevent fall protection, anti-pinch design, maintenance pole
The control box is ABS waterproof sealing control box
Electrical control mode is mechanical and electrical control
The main power supply is a three-phase 4-wire power supply. Three-phase 380V
Auxiliary parts are high-strength reverse anti-collision pads
Recommendation: Height difference between loading and unloading platform and outdoor ground 1400mm