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Plate belt impinging individual quick freezer(IQF)

360° panoramic display
Core Technology
The unique “bidirectional air impinging” air distribution system, which breaks the traditional layout structure of air distribution and the idea of freezing.
When passing through the wind tunnel,the cold air can be accelerated and become high speed bidirectional impinging cold airflow, which like wind knife.As the food driving by conveyor belt ,the air distribution device continuously sprays out the high-speed impinging cold airflow and continuously freeze the products,so as to achieve the goal of instant freezing.
“Bidirectional air impinging” air distribution system can ensure that the double side of the products will be frozen rapidly, so as to reduce the weight loss of frozen products and enhance the product quality.
◆It is the perfect combination of the core air distribution technology of “bidirectional air impinging” and the high-efficiency heat exchange performance of evaporator that ensures the excellent frozen food quality and frozen rate.
◆The evaporators are designed for different refrigerant by special technology, high-efficiency heat exchange performance. After high pressure nondestructive testing, safe, stable and reliable 
◆The insulation body is framed by the overall steel frame on the floor of the workshop. Double chamber structure, remarkable energy-saving effect, enhance the frozen effects. Cold room is occupided less, which can save space. 
◆Stainless steel and others equipment’s materials accord with food safety requirements-corrosion resistance, long service. 



型号 QSDB500 QSDB750 QSDB1000 QSDB500 QSDB750 QSDB1000
外形尺寸 mm 12860x2900x3000 18360x2900x3000 22860x2900x3000 10860×3150×3000 15360×3150×3000 19860×3150×3000
出/入料长度(L1) mm 1300/2000 1300/2000 1300/2000 1300/2000 1300/2000 1300/2000
板带有效宽度 mm 1219 1219 1219 1500 1500 1500
进出料温度 ℃ +15~-18
冻结温度 ℃ -35~-38
通货高度 mm 50~100 50~100       50~100
制冷剂工况 ℃ R22/R717/R744 +35/-42~-45℃
所需工况冷量 kW 110 145 195 100 145 195
冻结能力(kg/h) 扇贝丁 500 750 1000 500 750 1000
鱼片 400 600 800 400 600 800
装机功率 kW 25.1 41.8 58.5 25.1 45.4 58.5