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Semi-contact freezer

360° panoramic display
◆Casing with internal steel frame support, external insulation casing structure, flexible and convenient for installation,good effect of heat insulation.
◆The stainless steel door can be totally opened on double-sided.The door and door pars are made of stainless steel and you can open the door from the front or back.The door is easy to operate and clean.
◆Flat plate evaporation board made by shaped aluminum alloy using advanced welding technology assembled, after high pressure pinning test to ensure the safety of equipment used. The evaporation plate is anodized and corrosion-resistant.
◆Air freezing and contact freezing work together,internal with stainless steel axial fan to achieve air convection.
◆Aiming at a variety of refrigerant characteristics, the evaporation board adopts a unique liquid supply,and gas return design, which can make liquid supply uniform and get high efficiency. Contact freezing speeds up cooling and freezing , to minimize food consumption, improve food freeze quality.
◆Stainless steel waterproof control cabinet,mechanical-electrical integration design.The shelf plates are assembled on the scene.It is quickly and easily to install.



型号 SXD-1000 SXD-1500 SXD-3000 SXD-5000
外形尺寸 mm 3435×1680×2100 3845×1680×2280 5895×1680×2280 8765×1680×2280
蒸发板尺寸 mm 1630*1230 2040*1230 4090*1230 6960*1230
有效层数 9 10 10 10
摆放总面积 m2 18.04 25.1 60.27 85.61
层间距 mm 140
进/出货温度 ℃ +15~-18
制冷工况 ℃ +35~-35
制冷剂 R22/R717/R744
耗冷量 kW 35 45 90 135
装机功率 kW 1.5 2.2 3.0 4.4
公称冻结能力 kg 1000 1500 3000 5000