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Double slide - rotating cooling equipment

360° panoramic display
1、Core technology
Adopt the method of multilayer gear driving.By fastening on the slider,the net belt is rubbed on the rail friction bar.The coefficient of friction between the polymer material is low.With its own lubrication ,it is not easy to generate dirt.On the one hand,eliminating the friction between the cage and the net belt caused by serious friction parts wear by omitting the middle cage;On the other hand,based on the cooperation between the special structural slides, the net belt will never reverse,which solves the problems of machine shutdown and the difficulties of repairing. 
2、Product structure and characteristics
●The net belt made of high strength stainless steel and the gearing are using proprietary patented technology.Different from the traditional spiral freezer,it solves the problem of net belt reversing thoroughly .The single spiral freezer can realize the goods getting in and out both on the low level.
●Able to provide a uniform and efficient closed recirculating airflow required for the freezing of quality products.Special air distribution system forms an independent cooling area.High speed cold airs gets through net belt and freeze the foods quickly to ensure high capacity and less water losing.So that the frozen goods have a higher quality. 
●Special design of the support structure and drainage system to eliminate hygienic blind spots, making hygiene clean work easily and simple, clean thoroughly, to match the international food hygiene and safety of HACCP certification requirements.
●The production is designed to maximize the production and trouble-free times while minimize the costs of operating and maintenance.Reduce the area occupied by frozen areas,reduce the water consumption and electric consumption, in order to realize the economic benefits maximize.

Performance parameters of double slide - rotating cooling equipment

库体尺寸(L×W×H) mm 12500x5300x3100 13100x5600x3600 13100x5600x3900 13700*6000x4500
层 数 2x10 2x12 2x16 2x20
网带有效宽度 mm 550 600 600 650
进出料温度 ℃ +15~-18
冻结温度 ℃ -35~-38
通货高度 mm 100 100 100  
使用工况 ℃ +35/-42~-45
所需工况冷量 kW 170 240 320 430
装机功率 kW 30.4 48 49.8 53.8