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Fluidized freezer

360° panoramic display
Freezing principle:The food in the freezing process is divided into two sections,The first stage is rapid freezing surface,under the effect of pulse vibration device,the foods particles is not sticky.The second stage can make the foods deep freeze and complete the frozen.
The fluidized tunnel freezer is the best choice for varies kinds of fruits and vegetable ‘s quick freezing,such as :strawberry,chips,green sword bean,cowpea,pea,hot pepper,cucumber,chestnut,corn,young garlic shoot,carrot,winner bamboo shoots,cauliflower and mushroom and so on.
Product structure and characteristics
◆The products are composed of input,output,insulation casing, conveying system,air cooler.,air distribution system and electric control system.
◆Nice air distribution system could make foods fluidized so that easy to be frozen individually. Whole sealing chamber reduces cooling lost and save energy. The machine meets international food safety requirements.(HACCP license).
◆Special pulse vibration device design,can avoid adhesion phenomenon.When we separate each food particles, the surface of food is in good condition and can’t affect the product quality.
◆PU board is made of double stainless steel,SUS304.The heat preservation effect is strong.There is a maintenance passage in it,which makes the inner passages of equipment spacious.The door is double seal with heater and can avoid cold loss effectively.
◆The design of the evaporator fin space changing group can ensure large face area,short return air distance,high efficiency cold air and not easy to frost.The equipment can work continuously for a long time.
◆The fan is totally enclosed moistureproof waterproof motor low temperature fan protection level IP55.Meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene.
◆The operation control can choose to use the automatic/manual operation mode.The electric components are supplied by internationally renowned manufacturers,and the stainless steel waterproof control box is designed in conformity with the requirements of the food processing workshop.



型号 XFLS1000 XFLS1500 XFLS2000 XFLS2500 XFLS3000
外形尺寸 mm 8160×4300×3800 11640×4300×3800 13960×4300×3800 15700×4300×3800 17440×4300×3800
主库体长度 mm 6960 10440 12760 14500 16240
网带宽度 mm 1200
摆放总面积 m2 12.7 16.83 21   26.21
进出料温度 ℃ +15~-18
冻结温度 ℃ -35
通货高度 mm 150
制冷剂工况 ℃ R717/R22/R744+35/-42
耗冷量 kW 170 230 290 360 430
装机功率 kW 36 59 77 96 111
公称冻结能力 kg 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000