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Air Cooler with Stainless Steel Pipe Aluminum Sheet

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Product Features:
New Material with high strength, corrosion resistant heat exchanger
It can meet higher pressure safety standard and wider refrigerant
Typical Application:
CO2 subcritical refrigeration system low voltage side heat exchanger.
Can used in evaporation phase transition also used in cold single-phase load system
For the safety and reliability requirements high occasions, such as R717 refrigeration systems
Refrigerating agent corrosive system applications, such as salt water cooling system
Structure and process Characteristic:
Φ16 stainless steel heat exchange coil. It can be sure that improve the compressive strength on the same heat exchange efficiency
Continuous stamping on high toughness and whole corrugated, anti-rust aluminum fin; Optimization of the geometric structure of heat transfer, tube and fin heat transfer area ratio, enhanced heat transfer effect. Reasonable fin spacing, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm and flexible combination of variable pitch.
Advanced hydraulic pipe expanding technology, the maximum guarantee that material and tube and fin joint
6.0Mpa gas pressure test, when leaving the factory is filled the 0.25 MPa pressure protection