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Commercial using with pressure vessel

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Compressor unit using Oil coolers, oil separators, economizers, low-pressure circulating drums, gas-liquid separators, etc., and refrigeration auxiliary equipment.
Pressure Vessel
Regular Quality System
In 2015, AOWEI Refrigeration obtained the pressure vessel manufacturing license in accordance with the requirements of the national special equipment regulations. From the production of the first pressure vessel, to the present, a safe and fast pressure vessel production line is perfect, all kinds of full-time staff are completed. Regular Quality has certain rule, the pressure vessels produced meet the requirements of various working conditions, and the quality is safe and reliable.
Advanced equipment technology
(1) Fully equipped
Innovation determines the design direction of a product, and the quality of the product requires advanced equipment and tooling to ensure. The pressure vessel has advanced automatic production equipment such as CNC cutting machine, milling machine, CNC coiling machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, as well as radio flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, etc. Inspection and monitoring equipment, each CNC equipment is directly connected to the technology center, shortening the production cycle of the product.
(2)Good Processing 
Equipped with a variety of professionals to ensure efficient and fast, to produce a complete welding process, manufacturing process and container drawings, all the plates of the pressure vessel use excellent performance of the container board, all the plates and fittings are made according to national standards, each pressure The container is subjected to secondary blasting during the production process, and the weld of the pressure vessel shell is subjected to 100% radiographic inspection. The internal control of the pressure vessel produced by the company is strictly controlled. Greatly improve the service life of the refrigeration system.
Complete range of containers
Now the pressure vessel has three series of vessel compressor unit. Oil coolers, oil separators, economizers, etc. used in conventional units, low-pressure circulating drums, gas-liquid separators, etc., and refrigeration auxiliary equipment. (see sample for details)