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The Mauritanian Project Started Smoothly

The Mauritanian Project Started Smoothly

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Mauritania is a country in northwest Africa, bordering the Sahara desert to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. There despite the seemingly endless desert, nature has endowed the country with one of its most valuable assets -- Fishing Resources.
The cold storage project was smoothly started, it invested by Fuzhou Hongdong Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd., and constructed by Yantai Aowei Refrigeration Equipments Co., Ltd.
This project is for processing frozen fish, daily freezing capacity 300 ton. We have set with one 3.5 t/h slide-driving spiral freezer(with refreezer), 32 sets of semi-contact plate freezer with capacity of 1.5t / 4h. And three cold storages, total storage capacity are 4500 tons. The matched workshop air conditioning can use for 1060 ㎡, and running with cooling seawater system. In total here set with 10 sets of compressor unit, 3 sets of single-stage compressor, 5 sets of low-pressure circulation receiver, 2 sets of double flash distillation tank, 2 sets of ammonia board, 7 sets of evaporative condenser, 2 sets of siphon receiver.
Advantages of Project Design:   
The slide-driving spiral freezer and contact plate freezer due to lower evaporation temperature, so is unsuitable to use the original refrigeration system. So we use our patented double flash distillation refrigeration system (Three-stage throttle intermediate complete cooling system) to solve the problem.
Comparison of energy efficiency: the two-machine matching and double-flash distillation scheme can improve the energy efficiency by 26% compared with the compound two-stage scheme.  
The energy efficiency of double flash distillation system is 5% higher than two-machine system, 11% higher than two-machine two-stage system, 26% higher than compound two-stage system, and 160% higher than single-stage with economizer.
Energy saving in operation: compound two-stage system is early stage of two-stage compressor. Due to high evaporation temperature, full load operation is impossible, so the initial efficiency is very low and the cooling speed is slow. In the initial stage, the dual-machine matching system only operates at the high-pressure level and it can operate at full load. When the evaporation temperature drops to the set temperature, the low-pressure level is started. The cooling speed is fast and the operation is very economical.  
Stable starting and small impact on the power grid: staged starting can reduces the starting current of the compressor and reduces the impact of the starting current on the power grid. From a compound two-stage motor into two motors and no need to use high voltage motor or soft starting. 
The smoothly start of the project marks the success of Aowid products in the African market, Aowid products will be more widely applied in the international market.