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Aowid Refrigeration was unveiled at the 2018 China International Aquatic Exposition

Aowid Refrigeration was unveiled at the 2018 China International Aquatic Exposition

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On June 18th, China International Aquatic Products Exposition 2018 and the China Seafood Procurement Conference were opened in Zhanjiang. The current expo with "Aquatic industry, to make life more beautiful" as the theme, and "Promoting the Chinese Aquatic Industry to the world, and sharing it with the whole world" as it motive, to build the world's fourth largest, China's second largest international professional aquatic products exhibition for the positioning of exhibition. The exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors, over 3,000 purchasers and more than 20,000 merchants from more than 30 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in China, as well as some from the United States, Ecuador, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and India have visited exposition.
Aowid Refrigeration brought the SRC2016LS compound two-stage screw compressor, SRC1612MS compound two-stage screw compressor, HSC12 CO2 screw compressor, HSC16 CO2 screw compressor, electrical cold storage and air cooler; 4 series product exhibited.
During the exhibition, Aowid refrigeration booth visitors stream, had attracted many visitors ‘attention. All staffs with full enthusiasm, professional knowledge, patiently introduce the company's products to visitors and issued company brochures. Visitors are very interested in Aowid Refrigeration products and hope to have a deeper cooperation with Aowid.
Aowid refrigeration has promoted the image of Aowid through this exhibition, enhanced the brand awareness, influence and market competitiveness. We have to work harder, get rid of the old and bring forth the new, with our enthusiasm and provide better service to customers.
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