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Cohesion, Cooperation, Win to Win

Cohesion, Cooperation, Win to Win

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In order to improve the team cohesion, enrich the corporate culture, enhance the spirit of team cooperation and show the positive spirit of the employees. Company had organized the "The first Session of Aowid Spring Tug-of-War Competition " in the afternoon of April 28.
There are eight teams with their loud team names and slogans, "Eagle Team" -- "eagle, eagle, aim to win! " "Giants Team"--" youth never say die! " "Wolves Team" - "strength witness, unity will win!” "Beyond Team" -- "beyond ourselves, without enemies! " "Warriors Team"--" Unity can break the gold!” There was made random draw before game starting, two teams are played together, then will have a showdown between the victors.
At the beginning of the competition, the contestants were very excited, united and worked hard. The "Beyond Team" was not optimistic by audience, but have competed out of the level; " Warriors Team " and " Wolves Team " is evenly matched, neck and neck; The dark horse "Giants Team" surprised everyone, lit up the room, strength to win. On the field, the unused employees cheer for the players, and every shout brings strength to them! When the outcome is too close to call, all of people pull together; does not retreat, stick it out.
The team members used their sweat to tell us the meaning of unity, their tenacious perseverance and fighting spirit made everyone moved. Each of the champions received one set of carbon carving gifts customized by the company LOGO, and all competitors have received corresponding gifts.  
Through the Tug-of-War competition was fully mobilized the team spirit of employees, enhance the collective cohesion of employees, improve the team cooperation and indefatigable spirit of each department. This activity is beneficial to enhance the centripetal force among employees of various departments,the activity was crowned with complete success.